Style File | Poppy Delevigne

Socialite Poppy Delevigne is around the scene for quite some time now and all this time I never caught her having a fashion faux pas. Curious how to dress like Poppy? And with dress-like-poppy I don’t mean; look which designer made the items she’s wearing and copy them exactly. What I mean is you need to try to analyze her style and reflect that on yourself.

In order to style yourself like Poppy, you have to look at the bigger picture. She likes to dress around one showstopper, like printed pants   or a big (gorgeous) bag. The rest of her outfit is quite low key and basic, to make sure the look isn’t overdone.
You should also think about accessories. In this case small and subtle jewelry works best, like a tiny gold necklace or a couple cute bracelets.
And remember; keep your own body type and taste in mind. What looks good on Poppy, may not look good on you. It’s a matter of trying on different items and determine what looks good on you.

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