Obsession | Platinum blonde


Not the porn, playboy bunny platinum blonde. The cool, I-woke-up-like-this, effortless and stylish platinum blonde. Smoking hot with smokey eyes and super sweet with as little make up as possible.

I am in love.

Hopefully one morning I wake up brave enough to do this.


Friday inspiration | Put a scarf around it






A headscarf is far from being new to the scene, but is always a good thing to carry around in your bag. Whether you’re trying to hide a bad hair day or you’re just adding that little extra to your outfit, you almost can’t go wrong with a pretty headscarf.

I think it’s the perfect summer accessory –hello bikini combined with a headscarf- so I thought I could treat you with some nice inspiration ;). Happy friday!


All pictures: Pinterest

This weeks favorites | 1

Favorite food


Rice with salmon and avocado
When making this recipe with (sticky)rice, salmon, avocado, sesame seeds and soy sauce I was actually inspired by ‘lazy sushi’ (which is nothing more than throwing some sushi rice, uncooked salmon, avocado and sesame seeds in a bowl). But I wasn’t very fond of big chunks of raw salmon, so I decided to keep the rice warm, cook the salmon for only 2 minutes so that just the skin would be cooked and throw it al together in a bowl. Delicious!

Favorite win


Kevin Murphy NEON Color Bug
I already have the other 3 Color Bugs (pink, orange and purple) but when Kevin Murphy was having a giveaway on their Facebook I couldn’t resist myself and participated. I actually never win, but 5 days later I opened my mailbox and there it was: perfect summer neon!

Favorite outfit (I can actually wear right now)


White blazer
I’ve been wanting a white blazer for as long as I can remember and I don’t even know why it took me so long to buy one, but this white blazer has become a favorite of mine in an instant. It’s super versatile and gives every outfit an instant spring-feel. I like.

Favorite new item


Ray Ban sunnies
O my god. I can not even begin to express how happy I am that I got my dearest sunnies back. I lost forgot them at a restaurant last summer (I blame Gin-Tonic) and missed them with every sunbeam. 2 Days ago when my boyfriend and I were randomly looking at sunglasses he suddenly had the greatest idea to buy my sunglasses back for me, as a present. HOW-AWESOME.

Favorite experiment


Longer, thinker, bigger, greater eyelashes. I will be testing Revitalash in the next couple months and will of course share the results when I’m done. I can not wait. I started yesterday night and woke up with the feeling of beautiful batting eyelashes, which is in fact impossible since Revitalash mostly shows result after 6 weeks. Patience Megan, patience..

Tutorial | The big bun theory


A messy bun is a simple, easy and chic hairstyle you can wear everyday. I made it a little more fun by adding a pop of color with the Color Bug of Kevin Murphy.

What you need
– Hairdryer
– Bobby pins
– Volume spray or salt spray (I used Lee Stafford Beach babe sea salt spray)
– Comb
– Elastic
– Kevin Murphy color bug (I used orange)


1. Apply the Color Bug onto wet hair. Take twisted strands of your hair and color your ends (or as much as you like)

2. Apply the sea salt spray on top of your hair.

3.  Blowdry your hair completely. For more volume turn your head upside down.

4. Backcomb the top of your hair for extra volume and extra messy-ness and put your hair into a high ponytail. Slightly pull some hair out of your ponytail for some cute loose strands around your face.

5. Now comes the hard part; Take your donut and start at the end of your ponytail. Put the donut around your hair and slowly start to ‘fold’ your hair upwards on the outside of the donut. Just keep trying until you get all your hair trough the donut.

6. Thank god for bobby pins! All loose hair can be secured with as much bobby pins as you need.

And you’re done!



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