How to trick people….


..Into thinking you are from Amsterdam.

Of course I stole got the idea from the genius called Garance Doré, but that funny article did got me thinking. When being in a different country, or even a different city, you can immediately tell who lives there and who doesn’t. The little customs of the city residents easily separate them from those who are there just for a visit. That reminds me when I first came to Amsterdam, how everyone acted completely different from the people I was used to back in Eindhoven. Back home everybody was very introverted, minded their own business like it was nobody’s business and in Amsterdam everyone was all over the place. It took me quite some time to get used to this ‘Amsterdam-lifestyle’, but after 6 years living here I am completely settled.

So, if you’re ever in Amsterdam; follow this list and trick everyone into thinking you are from Amsterdam. ;)

|Ride a bicycle everywhere
I’m not talking about those rented ones, those will give you the tourist-mark in an instant. I’m talking about an old, rotten, almost-falling-apart bicycle. Know how to ride one and you’re already halfway there.

|Give every tourist the look of death
We (people that live in Amsterdam) hate tourists. They don’t know how to ride a bicycle, how to walk on the sidewalk and they stop in the middle of the road everywhere. They are just not wanted.

|Know your area
Because Amsterdam is divided in so many different areas, people often only go to places in their own neighborhood. Learn all the hotspots in one (cool) neighborhood and people will think you live there. If they start talking about a bar or anything from another neighborhood you just say: “Oh, I don’t know that bar, it’s on the other side of town! I never go there.”

|Act like you’re in a rush
We are always in a rush, even if we’re not. When going to work, going to lunch, going drinking or shopping. Always. When someone blocks your way, give them the tourist-look-of-death and a deep, loud sigh and continue your way. Annoyed.

|Wear flats
Amsterdam is not heels friendly at all. If you see someone wearing heels their A| not from Amsterdam, B| only going to 1 meeting C| the editor of ELLE magazine. If you’re not A,B or C; wear flats.

|Dress like you don’t care
Don’t ever dress up on a daily basis. The I-just-woke-up-like-this-and-I-don’t-care-look is the way to go in Amsterdam.

|Hate the Kalverstraat
The Kalverstraat is one of the biggest and busiest shopping streets in Amsterdam, full of tourists. We never go there, unless it’s an emergency or we want to visit Zara.


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