Beauty | On getting ready in the morning

Usually when getting ready in the morning, we are in a tight schedule. Even 5 minutes of delay –what to wear! / where are my shoes! / mascara in the eye! – can cause some serious stress. That’s why we tend to do everything in the same order every morning, to make sure we’re getting ready in time. I would love to say it works this way, but with me being super chaotic, getting ready on time isn’t my strong suit.

Of course getting ready covers more than taking a shower. We’re talking about shower, make up, hair, outfit, breakfast, and sometimes lunch to go; in less than an hour. I came up with a pretty solid schedule that works really well for me. I have to admit that leaving the bed 5 minutes later screws up this whole schedule and makes me take one (ok.. sometimes two) busses later. Guilty.

My schedule involves a lot of running, doing multiple things at once – which often fail– and applying the final touches of make up on my way to work. I travel on public transport so it’s totally safe! ;). But here’s a tip; Do all the things you need to do at home, at home and all the others (like breakfast, final touches of make up) on your way, or at work. That saves you lots of time, which you can spend on perfecting your hair.

What is your key to getting ready on time in the morning?

ph. credit | theCoveteur


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