Shopping | December gifts


Hello December! I can’t believe how fast time is passing by and that we are already in December. Good thing is I absolutely love December and all the holidays it brings along. I also love to hunt for the perfect gifts for my loved ones and of course making the ultimate list for myself. Which is shown above.

The Chloé boots don’t need any explanation. If I wouldn’t get anything at all, but these boots; I would be (beyond) the happiest girl in the universe. Anyway, not expecting to get these, but a girl can dream right? All the other things on my list are more cosy winter essentials, like the plaid or the cute christmassy socks from Oysho. I can already see myself sitting on the couch, listening to Christmas carols, eating cookies from the adorable bunny cookie jar, drinking hot chocolate milk from the gold-dripping mug. This all while wearing the socks, under a blanket with around my neck the silver necklace.

Mmm… the only thing missing in this picture are my beloved Chloé boots. But those are the perfect excuse to go outside and enjoy the cold! (And some more hot chocolate milk) :)

Did you already make up your list?


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