Food | Lentilsalad with chorizo and surimi


I recently re-discovered lentils and yet again; I’m addicted. Don’t even ask me why I had to re-discover them because I haven’t got a clue. Lentils are healthy, easy to combine and super delicious. I also love the flavour of chorizo combined with any type of seafood really. This time I had some left over surimi in the fridge so I wanted to give them a try in this recipe.

What you need for 2
– Lentils (I used green lentils)
– Lettuce
– Chorizo sausage
– Surimi sticks
– 1 red union
– Olive oil
– Pepper and salt

What to do

1. Start with the lentils. Put them in a pan with cold water and put them on the fire for a good 12 minutes. After that lower the heat and with a lid on the pan, let them boil for another 8 minutes.

2. For the chorizo surimi mix start with slicing the union. Heat up some olive oil in a skillet and add the union. Let it fry for a little while and then add the sliced chorizo, salt and pepper (as much as you like). Stir a bit and keep this on medium-low heat for 8 minutes or so.

3. Slice the surimi sticks in even 1 cm parts and add to the chorizo. Carefully toss around the surimi sticks to cover them in the chorizo-oil and give them a deliciously chorizo-taste. Keep this on low heat for 2 minutes and then set aside until the lentils are done.

4. Drain the lentils. You can rinse them with cold water, but I actually like the combination of the cold lettuce against the warm lentils and chorizo.So that’s up to yourself :)

5. Time to plate up! Place some lettuce on your plate, then the lentils and top it off with the chorizo/surimi mix.

6. Bon appétit!


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