DIY | TOMBOY sweater



This is not the cleanest DIY, but definitely one of the easiest and coolest as I may say so myself.  Printed sweaters are right on trend this season, but why pay way too much for something you can easily make yourself with a €10 H&M sweater?
Anyway, these are the instructions

What you need
– A sweater (I used this one)
– Clothing dye. (I used the super easy and SEI Tumble dye spray)
– Tape
– A Garbage bag
– Smaller transparent sandwich bags

Step 1
Choose a font of your liking for the text (I chose a random American Highschool font) and choose a word or text you want to use. Print the text and cut out the letters to make a paper mold.

Place your sweater on a flat surface, with a garbage bag underneath to protect the surface, which in my case was my floor. You will spill (unless you are a superhuman) and therefore this step is pretty crucial.  Choose where you want to have your stripes and how many (I did 3 stripes) and start taping the sleeve. I put the transparent bags between the stripes to make sure no dye would leak trough.
Remember: The places without tape are the ones that are getting dyed. Just saying. ;)

Spray the paint on the sleeve. I recommend doing one side first and let it dry. When the front is dry, you can easily dye the back without getting strains on your sweater (or floor).

Step 2
Place the paper mold you made on the sweater and check if it’s placed correctly. Make sure the rest of the sweater is covered up, because you don’t want to end up with paint splatters on your sweater. I taped the paper mold to my sweater, as well as the loose paper insides of the ‘O’ and the ‘B’. If you don’t do that, the ‘wind’ of the spray paint will blow them away.

Step 3
Carefully spray paint the text straight from above so you won’t spray underneath the mold. Let it dry for a minute or (carefully!) blow it dry with your blowdryer. Remove the mold.

Step 4
Let the sweater dry completely and wash it inside out. Let it dry et voila; you’re DIY sweater is ready to shine!



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