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When coming home after a long workday I don’t always want to spend hours in the kitchen before settling myself down for a quiet night in. When I came across (long live Pinterestthis easy pasta recipe I tried it the same evening. I changed the recipe a little bit to my liking and boy, was it good! This is my recipe for a super easy, pure, healthy (?) pasta.

And if you have any leftovers; don’t toss them away! I saved my leftovers for the next day, added some more spinach salad and had a delicious pasta salad for lunch!

What you need for 2
– 200 gr pasta
– 8 tomatoes (they can be super ripe)
– Italian dried herbs (Oragano, Basil, etc)
– Shrimps (I used garlic shrimps)
– Creme fraiche
– Spinach salad mix
– 1 union
– pepper & salt
– Parmesan cheese

What to do
1. Boil 500 ml of water in a pan. In the meantime cut the union. Take 4 of the 8 tomatoes and cut them into parts.

2. Puree the rest of the tomatoes, and while mixing, add one tablespoon of creme fraiche and the dried herbs (and pepper and salt) of your choice.

3. Add the union to the pan and wait for it to turn a bit transparent. Then add the sliced tomato and pureed tomato to it.

4. The whole mixture is a bit ‘watery’ now, so reduce the sauce until it’s thicker. In the meantime your water is boiling and you can cook your pasta all dente.

5. When your tomato mixture is a solid sauce, add the shrimps and 3 tablespoons of creme fraiche.

6. Drain your pasta and add to the tomato mixture. Toss around and add the parmesan. At last add the spinach salad mix (as much as you like) and toss around one last time.

7. Plate up and enjoy your meal!


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