Personal | An engagement affair




I’m finally ok with blogging it; I’M ENGAGED! ;)

Last summer was an absolute dream, and it took me a while to take this big huge news to the internet. Not because I’m not happy with it, but sometimes you want to keep things to yourself (and your friends & family, not the whole wide world). Anyway, as I figured, since I’m going to dress-fittings, location spottings and all; I might as well share it with you.

Oh, you want to know more about the proposal? ;) All I can say is that is was in a beautiful vineyard (with the cutest puppies), that it was absolutely magical and that it was everything I never knew I wanted. My boyfriend fiancé really went above and beyond to woo me, and he sure did. The whole day was filled with surprises, with of course ‘popping the question’ being the biggest surprise.
Now we’re only left with finding a location, dress, suit, food, actually everything. We haven’t set a date yet, and we’re absolutely not in a hurry to get married so I got plenty of time to enjoy dress fittings with my mom and sister and calling my boyfriend my fiancé.

Blouse Tommy Hilfiger | Wrap skirt Zara | Sandals eBay | Hat From a local market | Ring  Tiffany & Co (Had to mention it right? lol) | Necklace Tiffany & Co | Bag Zara


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