Chloe Susanna | Silver or gold?



As I mentioned before, I can not get these boots out of my mind. For as long as I can remember, these boots are my absolute dream boots. For long I thought €950 was way (WAY) too expensive, that was until I saw them in real life in Dutch department store de Bijenkorf. I looked at them, let my fingers feel the studs, the nice leather and just gasped. These boots are too good to be true. I didn’t try them on, purely to not torture myself, I mean I know I would be walking around de Bijenkorf in the boots for ever until the saleslady would (kindly) escort me outside (without the boots of course).

SO, enough with the dreaming I decided. I started my own shoe-fund on my bank account, (feel free to donate ;) haha) started a huge clean out in my closet (SOON online) and hopefully these babies will soon be mine… Now I only need to decide on the color of the suds. Decisions, decisions!!


2 thoughts on “Chloe Susanna | Silver or gold?

  1. I can totally understand that…the black with gold studs are on my mind ever since. But I did torture myself and ordered a pair…but sent them back!!! I could not justify the price. But every time I see them…I want them. So I guess I have to start saving money, selling old clothes and just forget about the price!!! And maybe..someday they will be mine!!!!!!!!!!!


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