DIY | Printed tee



What to do when you have nothing to wear? Write the text on a t shirt and you have something to wear!

Just kidding ;). I saw this t shirt online, but being sold out I decided to make it myself. This is the easiest DIY ever, all you need is a plain white tee, a fabric marker and some patience.

What you need;
– A plain white tee (I bought one at H&M)
– A fabric marker, or two. Mine ran out of ink after ‘I have nothing’, so it’s always good to have another marker as back up
– A printed text in any font you like

The steps;

– Make a design in Word, Photoshop, Illustrator, whatever you like, in the fonts you like. (I used Olivier for the ‘I have’ part and Plakkaat for ‘Nothing to wear’)

– Print out the text in the size you want it on your t-shirt.

– Grab your t shirt and place your text design underneath the front layer of your t shirt so you can see your design trough it.

– Place a cardboard or something under the paper so your marker won’t leak on the back of your shirt.

– Start painting! I found it easier to draw the outlines first, and then color the entire text.

– Let the ‘paint’ dry completely (this should take about 3/4 hours) and set the paint with a flat-iron.

– Aaaand your done! The world is your catwalk now :)

Of course you can do this with any design you like, so your options are limitless.


5 thoughts on “DIY | Printed tee

    • I haven’t washed it yet, but I read online that when you set the paint with a flat-iron the color won’t fade :) Also you should really use a fabric marker, any other marker will fade.

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