Review | Revitalash lash growth serum ; Halfway there



After reading tons of good (and some sceptical) reviews about the Revitalash lash growth serum I thought it was time to test the product myself. I made good Before pictures and started to apply the serum every night. I had it all figured out and after 6 weeks I would write my first review.
Well, if I’ve learned one thing in life is that nothing ever goes as planned and that is exactly the case here. When I came home last friday I found out somebody (an idiot) broke into my home and stole my Macbook and camera. Of course this is always a huge shock, especially because there was a stranger in my house, went to my stuff and stole some of it. Since they stole my camera and Macbook I lost all my pictures, also my Before pictures.
Luckily I have a gazillion photos of myself on my phone lol, so I quickly found some (lower quality, I know) suitable Before photos.
So, now that you know the reason of my poor quality Before pictures, I will now tell you my thoughts about the first 6 weeks of using Revitalash.

The Revitash serum comes in an easy tube (which you can see here) with a small brush that looks a bit like an eyeliner brush. Reading the instructions you’re supposed to apply the serum every night on clean eyes (No mascara leftovers). Because of it’s well designed brush applying the serum is really easy.
You swipe the brush over your eyelid (like you would apply eyeliner), just against your eyelashes, go to bed and let the serum do it’s job.

When waking up the next morning I immediately ran to my mirror the check the results, but of course there was no difference. After 2/3 weeks I started to feel my eyelashes got stronger and when washing my face there wasn’t a single eyelash falling out.
After 4/5 weeks I started to see results, or at least I thought I was because nobody in my surroundings saw the difference. Until last week, when my sister told me my eyelashes were really long! Hoora, confirmation!

After 6 weeks I can definitely tell my eyelashes are longer, thinker, more curled and stronger. As you can also see in the Before pictures my eyelashes weren’t really visible without mascara. On the first Before picture you can see my eyelashes (eyes closed) with mascara on. The After picture underneath are my eyes closed without mascara. You can see how my eyelashes are more curled and longer, even without mascara!
On the second series of photos you see my eyelashes without mascara. The After pictures are also without mascara! You can actually see my eyelashes! ;)

I think the result after 6 weeks is astonishing. You can see in the pictures how big the difference is Before and After. I’m definitely going to keep using Revitalash for another 6 weeks so I can give my final review, but as you can tell already; It is working big time!


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