Shopping | Give me a break



I am in desperate need of sun, spring clothing and bare legs. With the temperatures here in Amsterdam The Netherlands staying incredibly low, there’s nothing much I can do besides dreaming about the perfect spring ensemble. I found this perfectly nude colored maxi skirt at Zara and thought it would match perfectly with my leather jacket, biker boots and a printed white tee.
To top it off, I came back to my favorite boots ever; the Chloé Susanna boots. Not new to the fashion scene at all, but these boots have been in my dream-closet for ages now and seem to go perfectly with everything. Maybe I should re-re-reconsider them again?
Or I could ask my entire family and all my friends to give them to me as a present. My birthday is coming up next month after all….

Maxiskirt by Zara | Printed tee by Zoe Karssen | Lace bralette by Urban Outfitters | Leather jacket by Zara | Most perfect boots ever by Chloé





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