Outfit | Jeans on jeans

When me and my boyfriend met up with friends the other week, one of them was wondering what I would think of his jeans on jeans look. Little did he know that’s one of my favorite outfits to wear lately! I wear my jeans blouse often with my jeans shorts or with every long jeans I own.
Actually the jeans blouse is currently my favorite item in my closet now I think of it. It’s different from a regular blazer I usually wear and it gives an outfit just that bit more nonchalance, which I really like. This time I decided to wear my jeans blouse with my darker colored jeans and a striped tee. A simple, everyday look that is complemented with some hot pink nailpolish and a shiny necklace. I was going to say sunshine, but that is unfortunately nowhere to be found.

Jeans blouse H&M | Striped tee Monki | Jeans Zara | Shoes Converse | Necklace H&M


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