Your guide to a perfect Mothers day gift



Mothers day is all about showing how much you love your mother. I love to give presents that are personal, like the bracelets from Van Rycke shown above. The fun part about gifts like these is that you can buy one for yourself and one for your mother. That way you’re always connected. Of course this goes the same for other jewelry.



What I also love to give as a present is an activity. Well.. a High Tea isn’t really an activity, but you get my drift. It’s about spending time with the one you want to spoil, in this case; your mom. A high tea is the perfect opportunity to do so, you get to eat delicious and pretty looking bites and have plenty of time to spend quality time with your mom. This can also be done at a fancy lunch or breakfast. 
The picture shown above is the delicious and extravagance High Tea at the Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam, which my sister and I gave to my mothers birthday last year. If you live in Amsterdam or going to visit; this is definitely something I highly recommend. 



Shopping! It is always fun to take your mother on a shopping spree. Let her pick one outfit of choice that you will then buy for her (of course you can adjust this to your budget). To make it more fun you can travel to another city for your shopping spree, some city which you both have never (or hardly ever) have shopped before. This way you get to spend time with your mom and make her happy with a brand new outfit. And who doesn’t love that?!


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