This weeks favorites | 2

Favorite sweater


This perfect Kenzo inspired Queensday sweater I co-designed with no.418. Super proud feeling when I’ll be seeing people partying in a sweater I made!

Favorite new website


Beautiberri is a soon to be launched website with a great concept. Every week they present 3 products and whichever product gets the most votes will be discounted with 40% the next week! How awesome!
To celebrate they will be going online soon they’re having a great give away at the moment; you get a chance to win the fabulous Revitalash (which I am testing as we speak) and a BB Cream from Missha. You can enter here until May 7!

Favorite new obsession


I’ve been wanting a tattoo for ages now, but am still undecided about the what and where part. Until I am 100 percent sure about what I want I’m not going to do it, but these super tiny tattoo’s haven been on my mind this last week and maybe… a super tiny maybe.. I’ll decide on getting one as soon as summer’s over.


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