Outfit | Hello Spring!




So I’ve been slightly super obsessed with my white blazer and have worn it a lot lately. But the truth is, the sun is shining, it is finally Spring and the past couple days have been the best to wear this blazer.

And there’s also this shiny silver superstar! I saw it in store and wanted it immediately, but –don’t ask me why– didn’t buy it. As soon as I got home I was full of regrets and started calling every Zara in the Netherlands until I got my hands on it. Same thing happened with this gold shiny superstar by the way.
Anyway, I got it and it’s been shining around my shoulder, on my night stand and actually everywhere I go.

Happiness is just one bag away sometimes.. ;)

Blazer H&M | Tank, Jeans and bag Zara | Bracelet Marc by Marc Jacobs | Sunnies Ray Ban


One thought on “Outfit | Hello Spring!

  1. What got me on this blazer was the super saturated color. I was digging around in my closet last week, looking for something to wear to our monthly editorial meeting, and I realized (like I’m sure many of us do), that I was swimming in black or brown or grey or any other color without much of a pulse. Suffice it to say, the color options were few and far between.

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