DIY | Beach Bum tank



My first DIY with my new SEI spray dye, which is actually a lot harder to handle than I originally thought. But, more on that later. I saw this “Beach Bum” top online, I don’t remember the brand anymore, but it was sold out so I thought I’d make one myself!

What you need
– Scissors
– Paper
– Old newspapers
– A white tank top (I used one from H&M)
– Spray dye (I used Sei)

The steps
1. Print or draw your text in the right size on an A4 paper.

2. Cut the letters out to make your mould

3. Place your mould on your tank top and make sure you place it straight!

3. Surround the your mould with old newspapers so you won’t spray paint anything else but your tank.

4. Spray lightly one layer and let it dry. This is very important I can assure you. I didn’t do it and the dye leaked everywhere which ruined my tank.

5. Spray another layer and continue step 4 and 5 until you are satisfied with the result.

6. Wash your tank, let it dry and wear it!


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