This weeks favorites | 1

Favorite food


Rice with salmon and avocado
When making this recipe with (sticky)rice, salmon, avocado, sesame seeds and soy sauce I was actually inspired by ‘lazy sushi’ (which is nothing more than throwing some sushi rice, uncooked salmon, avocado and sesame seeds in a bowl). But I wasn’t very fond of big chunks of raw salmon, so I decided to keep the rice warm, cook the salmon for only 2 minutes so that just the skin would be cooked and throw it al together in a bowl. Delicious!

Favorite win


Kevin Murphy NEON Color Bug
I already have the other 3 Color Bugs (pink, orange and purple) but when Kevin Murphy was having a giveaway on their Facebook I couldn’t resist myself and participated. I actually never win, but 5 days later I opened my mailbox and there it was: perfect summer neon!

Favorite outfit (I can actually wear right now)


White blazer
I’ve been wanting a white blazer for as long as I can remember and I don’t even know why it took me so long to buy one, but this white blazer has become a favorite of mine in an instant. It’s super versatile and gives every outfit an instant spring-feel. I like.

Favorite new item


Ray Ban sunnies
O my god. I can not even begin to express how happy I am that I got my dearest sunnies back. I lost forgot them at a restaurant last summer (I blame Gin-Tonic) and missed them with every sunbeam. 2 Days ago when my boyfriend and I were randomly looking at sunglasses he suddenly had the greatest idea to buy my sunglasses back for me, as a present. HOW-AWESOME.

Favorite experiment


Longer, thinker, bigger, greater eyelashes. I will be testing Revitalash in the next couple months and will of course share the results when I’m done. I can not wait. I started yesterday night and woke up with the feeling of beautiful batting eyelashes, which is in fact impossible since Revitalash mostly shows result after 6 weeks. Patience Megan, patience..


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