Food | Give me a vitamin boost


Last couple days weeks I’ve been struggling a bit with my health so I was really happy when my new mixer arrived. As soon as a got it I started pinning soup and smoothie recipes. So far I’ve made a banana/kiwi/apple smoothie, a strawberry/redberry/blackberry/vanilla smoothie and now this vitamin bomb. Tasted SO good!
You can actually add more to your liking, like coconut water or just plain water. Or flax seed or something like that. Sometimes I add icecubes so that my smoothie will be nice and cold.

Ingredients (as shown in the picture):
– 3 kiwis, without skin of course
– 8 strawberries
– 1 banana
– flax seeds, ice cubes, coconut water ; whatever you like more

1. Cut all the fruit in to pieces. Depend the size of the pieces on what mixer you use. (I just use a plain mixer, so you don’t need an expensive smoothie-maker. A plain one will do the job just as good)
2. Put it in the mixer
3. Mix as long as everything is smoothed out. This is the part where you can see how much water or coconut milk you will need.
4. Enjoy!


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