Fashion Week Favorites


Rag & Bone – Theyskens Theory – Lanvin – Phillip Lim

Fashion Week season, if that’s even a season, isn’t over yet (Paris is going on as we speak) but I couldn’t help sharing some of my favorite looks with you. I didn’t watch all the shows, in fact I didn’t even watch one, but luckily we have with all the details on every show. I love browsing trough all the shows, watching all the candids of models, celebrities, designers and cool journalists that get invited. I also love the fact that I can do all of this sitting in my pj’s, eating Ben & Jerry’s and watching Sex and the City at the same time.

Alright, about the clothes.. For me it’s hard to explain why it is that I love these particular outfits. I read the reviews on Vogue and couldn’t agree more, but there’s never someone that says; ‘I just really like the clothes.’ Of course if they would all do that they wouldn’t have jobs anymore and nobody would read the reviews, but a simple “I just really like it” at the end of a review wouldn’t hurt anyone.
Anyway, the outfits above are just Awesome with a capital A. In a perfect world I would be rocking that Rag & Bone coat to the office, while wearing that oh-so-cool jumper-skirt-boots combination. After work I would be attending a party where it’s completely normal to wear a giant bug on your dress and the next day I’d be beating a hangover in that can’t-stop-looking-at-you-you’re-so-awsome blue suit.

What more can I say? I just really like the clothes.


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