Food | Tortilla with scampi’s

Tortilla with scampi

I can’t remember where I got this recipe from and I also can’t remember how many times I’ve eaten it already. This is such an easy and super delicious recipe, perfect for a friday (or actually any other) night in (or with friends).

What do you need (for 4 tortillas)

– 8 large tortillas
– 24 cooked scampi’s
– Grated cheese (just regular cheese) as much as you want
– 1 red paprika
– 2 small red peppers
– 4 spring onions
– Parsley ; as much as you want
– 1 lime (for the juice)
– Pepper
– Salt

What to do:

1. Slice the paprika, spring union, parsley and red pepper in small pieces and finely chop the scampi’s.
2. Cover 4 tortilla’s with the slices paprika, spring union, black pepper, parsley, scampi’s en grated cheese and close each tortilla with an empty tortilla.
3. Press the 2 tortilla’s against each other and evenly cook both sizes in a pan until they get a nice brown color (and until the cheese is melted).
4. Cut each tortilla in 4 pieces, sprinkle with some lime juice and serve!

I told you it was easy! Bon appetit

ps; I love to make this recipe with some guacamole on the side!


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