Nails | Winter favorites

Winter colors nailpolish

Everybody who knows me, knows I am a die hard nailpolish addict. I always think the right color of nailpolish can totally make (or in some cases, break) an outfit, so changing my polish every other day is no exception. I also always carry some colors in my purse, I mean, you never know where you end up right? ;)

These are my personal favorites for this winter. Do you have a favorite color?

1. Essie – Stylenomics // 2. Givenchy  – Acoustic Purple (Limited Edition) // 3. Chanel – Rose Confidentiel // 4. Chanel – Blue Satin // 5. Kiko – Pearly Dark Ruby // 6. OPI – Uh-oh Roll Down the Window // 7. Dior – Silver Purple (Holiday edition)


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