Tutorial | The big bun theory


A messy bun is a simple, easy and chic hairstyle you can wear everyday. I made it a little more fun by adding a pop of color with the Color Bug of Kevin Murphy.

What you need
– Hairdryer
– Bobby pins
– Volume spray or salt spray (I used Lee Stafford Beach babe sea salt spray)
– Comb
– Elastic
– Kevin Murphy color bug (I used orange)


1. Apply the Color Bug onto wet hair. Take twisted strands of your hair and color your ends (or as much as you like)

2. Apply the sea salt spray on top of your hair.

3.  Blowdry your hair completely. For more volume turn your head upside down.

4. Backcomb the top of your hair for extra volume and extra messy-ness and put your hair into a high ponytail. Slightly pull some hair out of your ponytail for some cute loose strands around your face.

5. Now comes the hard part; Take your donut and start at the end of your ponytail. Put the donut around your hair and slowly start to ‘fold’ your hair upwards on the outside of the donut. Just keep trying until you get all your hair trough the donut.

6. Thank god for bobby pins! All loose hair can be secured with as much bobby pins as you need.

And you’re done!



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