Organize life | Notebooks and Agendas

Welcome in 2013!
I can not believe how fast 2012 went by, so many great and fun things happened but I’m also very ready to start 2013!

First thing I want to start doing in 2013 is getting organized. People who know me, know I’m very chaotic and forget literally everything. I’m going to get myself a good notebook and/or agenda to keep everything in pace and since I still love to write things down I’m not going to get a digital one (although several digital reminders have saved me from forgetting everything in the past).

These are my favorites, hopefully I’ll be writing all my ideas, wishes and dreams in one of these this year. Are you getting yourself a notebook or are you on the digital side?


1. Parisian Chic // 2. Happiness is Shopping  // 3. Fashionistas I met and liked // 4. Bright Ideas  // 5. OMFG  // 6. J.W. Anderson for Topshop


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