Welcome to the Style Department


Welcome welcome welcome!!

I’ve been blogging for almost 2 years now but for some reason I slowly started to neglect my old blog (for those who want to take a look : Go ahead) It always stayed in the back of my mind, although I could never find the time to make proper outfitshots or a good photographer. That’s when I came with the idea of doing things completely different, of course I’m still going to blog about fashion -it is in my heart- but I also love good food, good wine, pretty make up and lovely decorations. Who said ‘style’ is only about fashion anyway? Style department is a place where you can find ideas to live your life in style.

Hopefully I’ll be seeing you a lot more around here, enjoying my posts and commenting whether you love or hate it.

I’ll be seeing you.
Love, Megan



2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Style Department

  1. Hi!

    Ik vroeg me al af waar je was gebleven! Je bent, denk ik, tegen hetzelfde als ik gelopen; geen goeie fotograaf op het moment dat je een ‘goeie dag’ had, hihi! Om precies dezelfde redenen ben ik ook weer begonnen, het hoeft niet alleen mode meer te zijn, er is meer in het leven :)
    Fijn dat je weer terug bent!

    Xx. Love Style

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